Meeting at Rep. Cook’s Apple Valley Office Jan. 17, 2017

Cook Office Visit Group

(Eric Hamburg reporting here.) On January 17, 2017 at 2 PM twenty-five concerned citizens representing Indivisible Groups or acting for themselves, from across the high desert (including Morongo Basin communities, Apple Valley, Barstow, the San Bernardino Mountain communities), met at Representative Paul Cook’s Apple Valley Office. We met with Rep. Cook’s representative Matt Knox for just over an hour.

Some of the attendees had met in recent days and prepared detailed concerns on a number of issues including:

  • The Affordable Care Act
  • Climate change
  • Social programs (Social Security, Medicare, Veterans, Planned Parenthood funding, opposition to privatization of prisons, education, other essential public services)
  • Immigration
  • A thorough investigation of the president-elect’s and his nominees financial holdings and conflicts of interest.

Individual presentations on these topics were made and written documents related to those concerns were presented to Mr. Knox. A spirited dialog with Mr. Knox took place. While I did not expect that we would find agreement with Rep. Cook on many points I felt that Matt’s responses were in many cases vague or un-informed.

The attendees asked that the written materials be passed on to Rep. Cook and that we receive detailed responses. We also expressed that we want the opportunity to meet personally with Rep. Cook to convey or concerns.

I appreciated the degree that my fellow attendees were informed on the issues and the passion and effectiveness with which they expressed them.