Rally In Support of Women’s March On Washington D.C – Yucca Valley

Great showing and great spirit in Yucca Valley today as our desert folks turned out to rally in support of the Women’s March on Washington and Planned Parenthood.  We estimate more than 200 people came through over the course of four hours, with a long line of smiling and cheering locals and a forest of signs along Highway 62 for most of that time.  All generations and genders were well represented, many in homemade pink “pussyhats”.  The response from drivers was often enthusiastically positive (with a few one-fingered exceptions!).  One passing gentleman took offense at a “Pussy Power” sign and returned to discuss it, with no serious consequences.  More concerningly, someone in a white van drove up on the curb close to our people and did actually brush someone; his license plate and face were photographed, and the sheriff is pursuing the matter.  Our local sheriffs were quietly present nearby through most of the event, and we’re grateful.  And there was a counterprotest – one lonely guy standing silently on the other side of the highway, holding a Trump-Pence sign.  Some folks who were driving past stopped to join us, excited to see their neighbors turn out, and then called friends, helping our crowd grow!

View posts and images at the event page on Facebook and below.  We’ll post press links when they appear.

THANKS to the Morongo Basin Democratic Club and especially Debra Thompson for taking the initiative and organizing this groundbreaking rally in the Morongo Basin!