Resistance Recess in Cook’s Kingdom

There’s been so much happening here in Rep. Paul Cook’s district during the congressional recess, we thought we’d do a round-up:

WHERE IS PAUL COOK?:  The campaign initiated by Indivisible chapters in Victor Valley and San Bernardino Mountains has gone viral and was on the front page of the Feb 25 Hi-Desert Star.  We’ll post a link when the electronic version becomes available.  It’s also been featured nationally and internationally on Rachel Maddow, CNN, the BBC, and elsewhere.

YUCAIPA:  The newest 8th District chapter of Indivisible held its first visit to Paul Cook’s Yucaipa office, with great energy and a turnout that surprised the organizers, who said,  “We went during the publicly posted business hours and of course it was closed again. But we put up our ‘missing’ poster and had our event. We have only just begun!!”   Watch their video.

JOSHUA TREE:   #notmypresidentsday was marked by local participation in “Bad and Nasty” at the Sun Alley Stage, led by Tania Hammidi.  Per the front page of the Hi-Desert Star, “Bad and Nasty stands for Bad Hombres and Nasty Women and is a nationwide movement….The movement spurred a series of DIY performance events held around the country and the world Monday that aimed to mobilize ongoing resistance to the current administration and channel their anger into art and activism.”

ACROSS THE BASIN:  In that same edition of the Star were hard-hitting letters from Melissa Spurr and Eric Mueller, responding to Cook’s statement disparaging his constituents who are requesting he provide a town hall.  As well, this week’s Star and The Desert Trail have been full of letters addressing hate and discrimination.

AND FROM THE FRINGE:  In the wake of Cook’s statement Melissa has also started a Facebook action, “Notes from the Fringe”.  Per Melissa’s description: “California’s 8th district representative, Congressman Paul Cook, has dismissed the large minority of voters who didn’t vote for him as ‘fringe local agitators’ with an ‘extreme political agenda’ with whom he refuses to meet in a town hall forum. Please join us in sending him a ‘Note from the Fringe.’ Let him know that we on the so-called ‘fringe’ are ordinary people with legitimate concerns….You don’t need to leave home to attend this event. To participate, you simply need to write a letter to Congressman Paul Cook letting him know just how you feel about being dismissed as a fringe element. Please invite anyone who may also want to participate.  And feel free to fringe the edges of your letter and be as creative as you please. And please post photos of your letters if you don’t mind going public with them. They will serve to inspire and encourage others, and a large collection of them will help to underscore constituents’ frustrations with their lack of representation.”   Find Cook office addresses here.