We did it!

We did it! YOU did it! Every one of you who called, wrote, shared, showed up, rallied, and reached out contributed to this win – and this is a BIG win! We’re under no illusions that TrumpCare is gone for good, but this giant defeat out of the gate has to be demoralizing for the Right and is revealing of the fragility of the Republicans’ foolhardy bargain with Trump. People all over the Basin worked really hard to make this happen, and that work made a difference. Thank you, Indivisibles of the Morongo Basin and throughout the 8th District!

Now, it’s time to get back to work. Our next general meeting is coming up in early April and it will be all about ACTION! Look for details soon.

Finally, a word from the national Indivisible Guide Team:

Friday was just an incredible victory for Americans—and also an incredible victory for you. There is no way TrumpCare would have been defeated before coming to a vote if it hadn’t been for the thousands of office visits, phone calls, and town hall questions from constituents like you and your Indivisible group members. This is your win, and you did it by standing indivisible. Phenomenal, just phenomenal. We hope you and your group are taking the time to celebrate—you deserve to relish this moment and be proud of what you’ve accomplished.