Stop the Wall Rally in Yucca Valley, Cinco de Mayo 2017

The Stop the Wall Rally in Yucca Valley on Cinco de Mayo was just plain beautiful.  Positive, peaceful, musical (!), with 75 people or more and lots of honks from drivers. Even the weather was pleasant! Thanks to the Indivisible Morongo Basin Immigration Action Team and to everyone who came out.

Team lead Yolanda writes:

Thanks to every single person who came to the Cinco de Mayo Stop the Wall rally.  My call was answered by many.  Today we were the definition of a true community.  Our town is small but our presence on that corner was notable.  Watching you stand side by side and bring attention to our fight for justice renewed my fighting spirit and encouraged me to never give up.


I know some of you made great efforts to be there and it truly touched my heart.  All my gratitude to the action team that signed up and helped realize my vision.  Thanks to the couple who brought that awesome sound system and played wonderful music; it really kept everyone energized.  Thanks to everyone who posted pictures; I too believe in the importance of documenting events.


Finally, as cars were driving by, I spotted a little boy with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen.  His eyes lit up, waved and bounced in his seat as he realized what the rally was about.  I will probably never get the chance to meet him, but his smiling face and bright eyes will be ingrained in my heart forever.  You, little brother, are worth fighting for.”

Yolanda adds about the below photo:  “This little boy was told about the rally and told his dad they should go.  He came up with the logo for the sign too.”