How You Can Help the Hunger Strikers at Adelanto

Are you angered by immigrant abuse at the Adelanto Detention Facility and wishing you could help the refugees there on hunger strike?

Now, the Los Angeles group Clergy & Laity United for Economic Justice (CLUE) is organizing a fundraising effort to get these men out of detention.  Please consider a donation, if you are able, or share this post and links to help spread the word!

To recap: People seeking asylum in the US, political and economic refugees from Central America and elsewhere, people who are in fear for their lives in their homelands, are detained at taxpayer expense in private prisons, for corporate profits. These people are not criminals, and have broken no laws in the United States, but when they approach the border and make their plea for asylum, they are separated from their families and put in detention with bond requirements completely beyond their means–sums ranging from $15,000 to $80,000.

Nine detainees at Adelanto Detention Center went on a hunger strike to protest their situation and the treatment they have received. One was deported, but eight remained. These eight were joined by 20 detained Haitians in solidarity, and these 28 men have succeeded in having their bond amounts reduced. The total amount is still $493,500–an absurd amount that is clearly beyond these innocent refugees’ ability to pay–but for a fraction of that, and including the amounts the detainees’ families have been able to scrape together, these men could be released and allowed to join their families, where they will be able to recuperate and prepare for their hearings, and attempt to raise the rest of the bond money.

Read more in the Los Angeles Times or on our Immigration Issues page.

So do you want to make a difference?  Help the hunger strikers with a donation and share this post and links to help spread the word!  #WelcomeRefugees #Not1More