Resistance In The Press

The opinion page of local press is one of the most effective tools we have for making ourselves heard.  Resistance members in the Morongo Basin have been making full use of this opportunity!

Following on the events in Charlottesville, the Hi-Desert Star published an editorial on August 24 calling racism repugnant and stating “the area’s partisan political groups, its service organizations and its clergy should be forming a united front to condemn racism.”  The editorial notes “a new political group, Indivisible Morongo Basin, has joined in the effort to stand up for values of unity and justice”, but that the “brunt of the responsibility for ending white-supremacist racism should not be borne by its victims, or by a small group of churches or activists”; rather, “it’s a journey all of us in the Morongo Basin should be taking together.”

Rebecca Unger responds in a letter to the editor, and in another letter Wendy Hadley demands Rep. Paul Cook take a moral stand and censure President Trump’s statements on Charlottesville. You will find more voices from your community in the local press here.

Keep those letters coming, Indivisibles!  Get tips on how and where to write on our Use the Press page.  And remember, you can extend your impact by sending letters to newspapers throughout Congressional District 8 – find the links here.

ADDENDUM:  In response to the Hi-Desert Star’s August 24 editorial, the Lincoln Club of the Morongo Basin submitted a letter to the editor which states “We gladly go on record as joining other Morongo Basin groups and organizations in opposing racism of any kind.”

And since that time the Morongo Basin Democratic Club has approved a resolution against racism and also submitted a letter to the Star calling on fellow residents of the Basin to take down their Confederate flags.