Kudos to MB Dems for Stand Against Racism

In the wake of Charlottesville, the Morongo Basin Democratic Club has issued a resolution calling for the club and its members to take action against racism and also published a letter asking local residents to take down Confederate flags.  Indivisible Morongo Basin applauds them for their stand.

Here is the text of the MBDC resolution against racism:

Whereas, racism, religious discrimination, homophobia and misogyny are contrary to American values; and,


Whereas, intolerance in all its forms has been shown to be learned behavior; and,


Whereas, it has been shown that racism and hate harm the emotional and physical health of both the victims and perpetrators.


Therefore, be it resolved that the Morongo Basin Democratic Club challenge laws, policies, and traditions that propagate, influence and support racism, bigotry and discrimination.


Be it further resolved that individually we commit ourselves to speaking up and out whenever racism, discrimination, homophobia or misogyny is present.