Bellicose Rhetoric: North Korea and Congressman Cook

Last weekend, President Trump took to Twitter to threaten North Korea, this time tweeting that Rex Tillerson is “wasting his time” with diplomacy and that he’ll instead “do what needs to be done.” It’s a clear threat of war and Congress can’t let it slide.  But here’s what our congressman, Paul Cook, had to say about North Korea in his 10/3/17 newsletter:

North Korea continues to insist on destabilizing the world with its reckless testing of military missiles, development of nuclear weapons, and bellicose rhetoric threatening its neighbors and the United States. It has shown a constant willingness to violate United Nations resolutions at the expense of the starving North Korean population. Congressman Cook is maintaining a close watch on North Korea through his positions both on the Foreign Affairs committee as well as the House Armed Services committee. We will continue to support any possible diplomatic efforts while also ensuring our military is equipped and ready to meet any threat that North Korea may pose.

Indivisible National urges you to ask our congressman the following:

Congress, and not the President, has the constitutional responsibility to decide when and where we go to war. From Syria to North Korea, it’s clear this administration doesn’t think it needs to come to Congress if it wants to use new military force. As a Member of Congress, it is your responsibility to make sure Congress asserts its constitutional role. Will you co-sponsor the Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act of 2017, making explicit that Trump cannot launch a nuclear strike absent a declaration of war from Congress? Will you also co-sponsor CONYERS BILL, defunding any preemptive military force against North Korea absent congressional authorization?