Indivisibles Alert Community On Potential Impacts Of Tax Reform Bills

Our Tax Scam Action Team got out the word on the Republican tax bill in Yucca Valley on Sunday Nov. 26.  Team member Gayle reports back:

Seeking to inform, alert and raise awareness on tax reform bills currently wending their way through Congress, members of Indivisible Morongo Basin, a nonpartisan citizens’ group advocating for integrity in government, gave motorists a crash course on the potential impacts of the tax plans on Sunday morning at the busy intersection of Highway 62 and Old Woman Springs Road.

Motorists slowed to read messages printed on signs held aloft by organizers who urged residents and visitors alike to “Get the Facts” and  “Call your Senators.”

“We want to alert the community that many of the programs we depend on are in serious jeopardy,” said one of the organizers, Beth Sheffield.  “The fate of Medicare, Social Security, education, the environment, healthcare, California, and even our way of life are all hanging in the balance,” she said.

Unfolding in a sequential fashion, like retro Burma Shave signs planted by the side of country roads in the 40s and 50s, the signs cautioned “Beware the Washington Tax Scam’ and declared the so-called tax reform will cut taxes for the rich and raise taxes for the middle class.

“We had a very good, interested response,“ said Sheffield, noting honking, waves, questions, and even cheers coming from vehicles waiting at the stop light.

The sequence ended in an urgent call to “Get the Facts” and offered more information on the group’s website at

On the Highway, Burma-Shave style!