Trump Tax Scam Is NOT a Done Deal!

Updates on the Trump Tax Scam:

There will be another rally this week at Rep. Paul Cook’s Apple Valley office.  Tuesday, Dec. 12, at 10:30 a.m.   Contact IMB for carpooling.  Facebook Event page hereplease share!  14955 Dale Evans Parkway, Apple Valley, CA 92307.

Last week’s rally was loud and energetic, with over 100 people attending.  View video of the protest, and read about it in the Daily Press.  Thanks to everyone who came out!  Let’s do it again this Tuesday!

Hard-hitting ads targeting Rep. Cook’s support for the tax bill are running on-line, sponsored by Americans Against Double Taxation.  Like and share the ad on Facebook!  Learn more about the ad campaign on Politico.

Southern California is currently experiencing catastrophic loss from wildfires, but by voting for the Tax Scam, Rep. Cook voted to end the deduction for wildfire and earthquake victims (though not recent hurricane victims). The L.A. Times has the story, and MSNBC calls out the California Republicans who voted for it – including Congressman Paul Cook.

Rep. Paul Cook defends his vote on the opinion page of the Victor Valley Daily Press, claiming the “House Tax Plan is good for working-class Americans”.  Join hundreds of others in responding to Rep. Cook with a different view on his Facebook page.

Finally, somehow we missed this the first time around, but when the House was preparing to pass their version of the tax scam back in mid-November, the L.A. Times wrote that Cook was “praying on how to vote” and added this quote:  “’We’re still talking about; that’s all. I’m just still talking about it. I have to say my prayers and get divine guidance,’ Cook said. ‘And if I’m right, I’m going to vote the right way and go to a race track right afterward.’”