NEEDED NOW: Fight Immigration Attacks By Supporting Adelanto Hunger-Strikers

The IMB Immigration Team sends an urgent update on Adelanto:

Do you want to see how “Great” America is?  Drive over to Adelanto Detention Facility and be a witness to human rights violations, corporations profiting over human misery, ICE denying freedom to political asylees by setting high bonds or denying bonds.  Do you know our tax dollars are paying to house humans beings whose only crimes is to dare dream of a better life for their families or having the audacity to flee violence and leave everything they know and love behind?

Within the last month, five of the hunger strikers have been deported after being held for more than a year. We were powerless to help them. Only five remain: three have been denied bonds and will remain there as ICE will not release them. The other two we can get out right now with your help. WE NEED $4,715 TO PAY THEIR BONDS AND GET THEM OUT. Can you help? If so, please donate to:

Indivisible Morongo Basin Immigration Issues Team has collected clothes, shoes, and toiletries for the men and I can’t express how grateful I am to all who’ve contributed to this cause. Two months ago, we received a $500 donation to pay the ankle monitor monthly fee for one of the men YOUR generous donations helped extract from that deplorable place. A couple of hosts are ready to open their home and provide a place to stay for the two young men. LET’S GET THEM OUT NOW! Please share and contribute as much as you can.