Report From IMB’s New Tabling Team!

New member Bronwen reports on tabling for Indivisible Morongo Basin earlier this month:

What a great day!

Today I was privileged to be at the Joshua Tree Farmers Market at 9:00 am where I was accompanied by Sylvia, a veteran of the Indivisible Morongo Basin group that I recently joined.  We were the first two volunteers whose chosen form of action is to Table and offer folks information on how Indivisible has arisen in this area to embody the concept of Resistance to Trump.  And we are ready to go!

I’m new to this and was so lucky to have been there with Sylvia, whose knowledge of issues and the past year’s accomplishments Indivisible MB can boast of was evident in every encounter we had over the 3 and a half hours that we spent this morning in front of the really incredible Beatnik Lounge where we were welcomed by Alyce (another Alyce in my life!) who is a beam of light and a hard worker too, keeping the Lounge open and boogyin’!

It’s fun “work”. We must’ve talked to dozens of folks, many of whom had experiences defending the environment, protesting all the various wars, struggling for LGBTQIA rights and against all kinds of injustice. Joshua Tree is the center of a vibrant accumulation of “folks like us” for sure!!  We made many aware for the first time of Indivisible MB which is of course, our primary mission.

After a while Jo Ann, Indivisible volunteer specialist in Voter Registration, dropped by and hipped us to the correct way to conduct this overarchingly (hi Archie!) important activity which we will be folding into the offerings at our Table as we go forward.

Indivisible is non-partisan but many local Democrats are members.  So we were pleased to be able to announce the Women’s March that the Dems are holding next Saturday, the 20th (note:  this event is past), at the corner of Old Woman Springs Road (RT 247) and Hwy. 62 (Twentynine Palms Highway), at noon. Come join us in solidarity with all Women as we rise to take our places with Equality, Justice and Power in this — formerly — “man’s world”.

All in all, a magnificent beginning to 2018, a year when we together, doing what we each can, will push the decrepit and demented world of Trump off it’s pernicious perch on our throats and wrestle our world into a true place of Community, a world with heart.  See you in the streets!

IMB table outside the Beatnik in Joshua Tree