Don’t Let the Trump Administration Scrap the DRECP!

From the IMB Environmental Issues Team:

Here are links to two articles on the possible dismantling of the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan’s (DRECP) protections that prohibit mining and large scale renewable energy development on sensitive lands – including those near Big Morongo Canyon and large parts of the Mojave Desert. Many local people worked for 8 years on this plan with the goal of protecting sensitive and scenic lands in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. The plan was not perfect for either developers or conservationists, but it did slow down a land grab that threatened our deserts.

At the writing of the articles, San Bernardino County Supervisor Robert Lovingood and Congressman Paul Cook (R-Apple Valley) could not be reached for comment.

There is a 45-day public comment period on 10.8 million acres of BLM-managed land for possible changes to the DRECP “to seek greater opportunities for renewable energy generation. Comments should be sent to the BLM-California State Director, 2800 Cottage Way, Rm W-1623, Sacramento, CA 95825, or electronically to

Action Alerts – Week of February 18, 2018

Quick contact guide:
Sen. Feinstein: DC Office: 202.224.3841 – L.A. Field Office: 310.914.7300 – E-Mail
Sen. Harris: DC Office: 202.224.3553 – L.A. Field Office: 213. 894.5000 – E-Mail
Rep. Cook: DC Office: 202.225.5861 – Apple Valley Office: 760.247.1815 – E-Mail

Table For One? No Way!!!

A message from Bronwen:

howdy kind friends and acquaintances in the Morongo Basin!

i’m here seeking your help. the task at hand is to populate a little circle of folks that enjoy getting out and sitting in public and conversing with passersby over issues that matter to them, as well as providing them with information about the wide and inviting avenues to expand their participation in Resistance offered by Indivisible Morongo Basin…

at the moment, the Indivisible MB Tabling Crew consists of Sylvia and birdy. we’ve given ourselves one weekend at one location a month… so… three weekends left to be enjoyed by another three Table Couples!

help Indivisible find three couples, six collaborators, half a dozen comrades… with the time and spirit to fill out the missing monthly weekends! to agitate together one Saturday or whatever day a month! shake up the same ‘ol, same ‘ol!

pass the word!

when you’re ready, you can contact me at IMB here.

and keep your eyes on the Indivisible Morongo Basin Facebook page and website for news from real grass roots activists — people — people building a local community of mutual support united to Resist injustice, violence and hatred, right here at home.

Release for Roberto: Update on the Adelanto Hunger Strikers

After being detained for 13 months in Adelanto Detention Center, Roberto, a political refugee and one of the hunger strikers, finally had his bail bond reduced from $20,000 to $3,000 by an Immigration Judge. Undocumedia, an L.A. based company owned by DREAMer Ivan Ceja and a generous organization, Detained Migrant Solidarity Committee from El Paso, TX – Cd. Juarez, MX, quickly mobilized and raised the funds to free Roberto.

Immigration Issues Team Leader, Yolanda, drove Roberto to his new home on Tuesday. She reports Roberto is adjusting well and he anxiously awaits the outcome of his pending refugee status and getting his work permit. He is very grateful for everyone’s generous donations – bail bond money, housing, clothes, shoes, toiletries, and a bicycle (courtesy of the Morongo Basin Democratic Club). He states: “I may never have a chance to thank them in person but they will always be in my heart and I will keep them in my daily prayers.”

Yolanda also reports that Jean‘s case is moving along. His lawyer, Mr. Aquino, will file the rest of the paperwork this week. The total money raised for Jean’s legal fees was $1,650. Thank you all for your generosity and we will report back as soon as we get more information.

If you are interested in joining the Immigration Issues Team, please contact Yolanda @

Voting Is Our Super Power! Help Register Voters!

Power to the Polls: Jo Ann of the Voters Registration Team on the job at the Copper Mountain First Saturday Pancake Breakfast.


It’s Jo Ann from the IMB Voter Registration Team. Do you agree that it’s really crucial to get out the vote? Do you have a little extra time? Do you have some good ideas about where we can register voters? The team needs more members to do voter registration tabling from 29 Palms to Yucca Valley. We are working on doing more events and locations to register voters.

If you are interested, please come to the next Indivisible Morongo Basin meeting on 2/6/2018. Voter registration training at 5pm, and team breakouts at 6, followed by discussion. If you can’t make the meeting, reach Jo Ann through for more info and to schedule tabling training. #PowerToThePolls !!!

Register online at