Table For One? No Way!!!

A message from Bronwen:

howdy kind friends and acquaintances in the Morongo Basin!

i’m here seeking your help. the task at hand is to populate a little circle of folks that enjoy getting out and sitting in public and conversing with passersby over issues that matter to them, as well as providing them with information about the wide and inviting avenues to expand their participation in Resistance offered by Indivisible Morongo Basin…

at the moment, the Indivisible MB Tabling Crew consists of Sylvia and birdy. we’ve given ourselves one weekend at one location a month… so… three weekends left to be enjoyed by another three Table Couples!

help Indivisible find three couples, six collaborators, half a dozen comrades… with the time and spirit to fill out the missing monthly weekends! to agitate together one Saturday or whatever day a month! shake up the same ‘ol, same ‘ol!

pass the word!

when you’re ready, you can contact me at IMB here.

and keep your eyes on the Indivisible Morongo Basin Facebook page and website for news from real grass roots activists — people — people building a local community of mutual support united to Resist injustice, violence and hatred, right here at home.