Don’t Let the Trump Administration Scrap the DRECP!

From the IMB Environmental Issues Team:

Here are links to two articles on the possible dismantling of the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan’s (DRECP) protections that prohibit mining and large scale renewable energy development on sensitive lands – including those near Big Morongo Canyon and large parts of the Mojave Desert. Many local people worked for 8 years on this plan with the goal of protecting sensitive and scenic lands in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. The plan was not perfect for either developers or conservationists, but it did slow down a land grab that threatened our deserts.

At the writing of the articles, San Bernardino County Supervisor Robert Lovingood and Congressman Paul Cook (R-Apple Valley) could not be reached for comment.

There is a 45-day public comment period on 10.8 million acres of BLM-managed land for possible changes to the DRECP “to seek greater opportunities for renewable energy generation. Comments should be sent to the BLM-California State Director, 2800 Cottage Way, Rm W-1623, Sacramento, CA 95825, or electronically to

Table For One? No Way!!!

A message from Bronwen:

howdy kind friends and acquaintances in the Morongo Basin!

i’m here seeking your help. the task at hand is to populate a little circle of folks that enjoy getting out and sitting in public and conversing with passersby over issues that matter to them, as well as providing them with information about the wide and inviting avenues to expand their participation in Resistance offered by Indivisible Morongo Basin…

at the moment, the Indivisible MB Tabling Crew consists of Sylvia and birdy. we’ve given ourselves one weekend at one location a month… so… three weekends left to be enjoyed by another three Table Couples!

help Indivisible find three couples, six collaborators, half a dozen comrades… with the time and spirit to fill out the missing monthly weekends! to agitate together one Saturday or whatever day a month! shake up the same ‘ol, same ‘ol!

pass the word!

when you’re ready, you can contact me at IMB here.

and keep your eyes on the Indivisible Morongo Basin Facebook page and website for news from real grass roots activists — people — people building a local community of mutual support united to Resist injustice, violence and hatred, right here at home.

Release for Roberto: Update on the Adelanto Hunger Strikers

After being detained for 13 months in Adelanto Detention Center, Roberto, a political refugee and one of the hunger strikers, finally had his bail bond reduced from $20,000 to $3,000 by an Immigration Judge. Undocumedia, an L.A. based company owned by DREAMer Ivan Ceja and a generous organization, Detained Migrant Solidarity Committee from El Paso, TX – Cd. Juarez, MX, quickly mobilized and raised the funds to free Roberto.

Immigration Issues Team Leader, Yolanda, drove Roberto to his new home on Tuesday. She reports Roberto is adjusting well and he anxiously awaits the outcome of his pending refugee status and getting his work permit. He is very grateful for everyone’s generous donations – bail bond money, housing, clothes, shoes, toiletries, and a bicycle (courtesy of the Morongo Basin Democratic Club). He states: “I may never have a chance to thank them in person but they will always be in my heart and I will keep them in my daily prayers.”

Yolanda also reports that Jean‘s case is moving along. His lawyer, Mr. Aquino, will file the rest of the paperwork this week. The total money raised for Jean’s legal fees was $1,650. Thank you all for your generosity and we will report back as soon as we get more information.

If you are interested in joining the Immigration Issues Team, please contact Yolanda @

Voting Is Our Super Power! Help Register Voters!

Power to the Polls: Jo Ann of the Voters Registration Team on the job at the Copper Mountain First Saturday Pancake Breakfast.


It’s Jo Ann from the IMB Voter Registration Team. Do you agree that it’s really crucial to get out the vote? Do you have a little extra time? Do you have some good ideas about where we can register voters? The team needs more members to do voter registration tabling from 29 Palms to Yucca Valley. We are working on doing more events and locations to register voters.

If you are interested, please come to the next Indivisible Morongo Basin meeting on 2/6/2018. Voter registration training at 5pm, and team breakouts at 6, followed by discussion. If you can’t make the meeting, reach Jo Ann through for more info and to schedule tabling training. #PowerToThePolls !!!

Register online at

URGENT from Immigration Team

Critical dispatch from Yolanda and our Immigration Issues Team.  IF YOU CAN HELP, contact us!

All Friends and Concerned Citizens:

Today brings a last minute, desperate call for help in a humanitarian cause. This hits very close to home!

Last night, I was—in concert with a congregation of other dedicated and hardworking people—able to get a Salvadoran gentleman named Roberto released from the Adelanto Detention facility. All this just so that he could have a chance to have his case heard through the rigorous legal process—given his day in court—before being indiscriminately deported back to the atrocious situation he had escaped from…

I had a chance to spend some time with Roberto upon release. A warm human being. A very nice man with needs—like us all. It was so exhilarating to see the face of freedom. He was so grateful. It brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

However, he is just one victim of an unjust, uncaring juggernaut system of deportation.

This process of getting someone released is costly and time consuming: bail, lawyers, immediate necessities and—in many cases—the cost of an ankle monitor. Today, we face a similar—even more pressing—situation; we are in dire straits and I need your help!

Today, funds (approx. $1,500.00) are desperately needed to help get legal aid fees for a gentleman by the name of Jean. He must get a petition filed today to halt his imminent deportation. Jean was surreptitiously moved by the ICE operation from Adelanto to Arizona and faces deportation as of this time. The clock is ticking, and legal aid of this nature is costly.

Can you help? Can you help us raise $1,500.00 for legal fees—TODAY? If you can help, please PM me. We will be forever grateful for your help!

After calling many lawyers, there was a common denominator: Jean’s case is a $15K – 20K case. We finally found one who agreed to accept whatever we fundraise. So far, I’ve had pledges for $650 + a check for $1,000 from a very generous donor whose original intent was for the funds to be used for bail bond but agreed to allow me to use it for legal fees, if needed. The CLUEJustice Adelanto Fundraiser is for bail bond money only. We do not touch that for legal feels. That is why I asked for people interested in helping me to PM me. My intent is to collect the money and forward it to Jamima, who is dealing with the lawyer.

The lawyer, Romben Aquino, has filed a temporary stay of removal, then he has 14 days to supplement the filing materials – which is a lot of work, but doable. We don’t know if Jean will return to Adelanto. If he returns to Adelanto, and since his bail bond was nullified, he will have to petition for another bail bond hearing and it will be up to the judge to honor the previous bond or increase it. In other words, we may be back to square one. In fact, Jean can be transferred to any Detention Facility in the country. While in AZ, he found out his bail bond had been cancelled and he proceeded to ask us to stop all efforts to prevent his deportation. He faces DEATH, friends, if he returns to Haiti. His mother died eight days after a beating intended for him – he was not at home when men showed up at his home so they beat up his mom. We could not not mobilize, hence my urgent appeal for legal fees money.

Roberto is just a sweetheart. He’s been spending the days with me and nights at E.’s. He’s not sleeping well. I truly believe he’s suffering from PTSD. It seems our beautiful desert triggers the many memories he has from his difficult journey to the U.S. Today was the first day we chatted without either one crying.

From all the hunger strikers I’ve met, as they share their stories, there’s always something that breaks my heart and sort of haunts me. Roberto told me about the night before they crossed the border. He said, “We built a fire – fully aware that border patrol might find us or coyotes would come and try to eat us. We did not care. We were tired and hungry. It was snowing hard and we were cold. The fire would at least keep us warm until God decided our destiny.”

Today he was successful in contacting some friends he met at Adelanto who promised to help him. Things have not been completely sorted yet and I don’t know how long he will be in our area. He may end up in Ventura, Long Beach, or San Diego. He met an American writer in Mexico who also expressed interest in helping him if he made it here. He connected with her but she lives in Oregon. For the time being, he will remain with E. and me.

Roberto and I went to Palm Springs today to eat pupusas (a Salvadoran dish). E. never had any so I bought some for him and Liz. When we got back, E. was in his studio, painting. He has a beautiful painting with children’s hand prints on the bottom. E. told Roberto that he wants him to forge the kind of life that will allow him to bring his daughter to the US so she can put her hand prints on E.’s painting. Then he offered his place for Roberto and his fiancee to wed. E.’s generosity and compassion humbles me and lifts my heart. Roberto’s story fuels my desire to do as much as I can for all our migrant brothers and sisters who are willing to risk everything – e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

La Lucha Sigue.

Report From IMB’s New Tabling Team!

New member Bronwen reports on tabling for Indivisible Morongo Basin earlier this month:

What a great day!

Today I was privileged to be at the Joshua Tree Farmers Market at 9:00 am where I was accompanied by Sylvia, a veteran of the Indivisible Morongo Basin group that I recently joined.  We were the first two volunteers whose chosen form of action is to Table and offer folks information on how Indivisible has arisen in this area to embody the concept of Resistance to Trump.  And we are ready to go!

I’m new to this and was so lucky to have been there with Sylvia, whose knowledge of issues and the past year’s accomplishments Indivisible MB can boast of was evident in every encounter we had over the 3 and a half hours that we spent this morning in front of the really incredible Beatnik Lounge where we were welcomed by Alyce (another Alyce in my life!) who is a beam of light and a hard worker too, keeping the Lounge open and boogyin’!

It’s fun “work”. We must’ve talked to dozens of folks, many of whom had experiences defending the environment, protesting all the various wars, struggling for LGBTQIA rights and against all kinds of injustice. Joshua Tree is the center of a vibrant accumulation of “folks like us” for sure!!  We made many aware for the first time of Indivisible MB which is of course, our primary mission.

After a while Jo Ann, Indivisible volunteer specialist in Voter Registration, dropped by and hipped us to the correct way to conduct this overarchingly (hi Archie!) important activity which we will be folding into the offerings at our Table as we go forward.

Indivisible is non-partisan but many local Democrats are members.  So we were pleased to be able to announce the Women’s March that the Dems are holding next Saturday, the 20th (note:  this event is past), at the corner of Old Woman Springs Road (RT 247) and Hwy. 62 (Twentynine Palms Highway), at noon. Come join us in solidarity with all Women as we rise to take our places with Equality, Justice and Power in this — formerly — “man’s world”.

All in all, a magnificent beginning to 2018, a year when we together, doing what we each can, will push the decrepit and demented world of Trump off it’s pernicious perch on our throats and wrestle our world into a true place of Community, a world with heart.  See you in the streets!

IMB table outside the Beatnik in Joshua Tree

Report From Women’s March 2018 And Reception

Six hundred marching in Bishop, 1200 in Palm Springs – women aren’t stopping in the California deserts!  Indivisible Morongo Basin member Gayle provides a report-back from the 2018 Women’s March and reception in Yucca Valley:

Hi-Desert communities of Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, Morongo Valley, Wonder Valley, Twentynine Palms, Flamingo Heights, Landers came together in a strong show of solidarity at the anniversary of the global Women’s March held in hundreds of cities and communities across the country.

The local march was organized by the Morongo Basin Democratic Club and attended by enthusiastic members of Indivisible Morongo Basin and community members inspired to make their voices heard on a variety of issues, most notably getting the vote out for the midterm elections and protecting the environment as well as disdain and frustration over the threat to democracy, human rights and the environment underway in the nation’s capital.

Creative signs and American flags waved by upwards of 150 participants entertained a constant flow of motorists, many of whom cheered and honked their support at the major intersection of Highway 62 and State Route 247 in Yucca Valley.

The Women’s March was held on the first anniversary of the worldwide rally that erupted in protest on the day after the inauguration of Donald Trump.

Sheriff’s Deputies on hand to keep order in case of incidents (there were none) said the local march was the only one held in San Bernardino County.

The Morongo Basin Indivisibles hosted a reception at the Yucca Valley Community Center following the rally. An estimated 50 members and guests enjoyed light refreshments and shared their personal journey toward awareness and participation in democracy.

NEEDED NOW: Fight Immigration Attacks By Supporting Adelanto Hunger-Strikers

The IMB Immigration Team sends an urgent update on Adelanto:

Do you want to see how “Great” America is?  Drive over to Adelanto Detention Facility and be a witness to human rights violations, corporations profiting over human misery, ICE denying freedom to political asylees by setting high bonds or denying bonds.  Do you know our tax dollars are paying to house humans beings whose only crimes is to dare dream of a better life for their families or having the audacity to flee violence and leave everything they know and love behind?

Within the last month, five of the hunger strikers have been deported after being held for more than a year. We were powerless to help them. Only five remain: three have been denied bonds and will remain there as ICE will not release them. The other two we can get out right now with your help. WE NEED $4,715 TO PAY THEIR BONDS AND GET THEM OUT. Can you help? If so, please donate to:

Indivisible Morongo Basin Immigration Issues Team has collected clothes, shoes, and toiletries for the men and I can’t express how grateful I am to all who’ve contributed to this cause. Two months ago, we received a $500 donation to pay the ankle monitor monthly fee for one of the men YOUR generous donations helped extract from that deplorable place. A couple of hosts are ready to open their home and provide a place to stay for the two young men. LET’S GET THEM OUT NOW! Please share and contribute as much as you can.

DREAMers: We Continue To Fight With You

Today, Ezra Levin, Co-Executive Director of the Indivisible Project, issued the following statement on the Senate’s vote on a continuing resolution:

This deal was morally reprehensible and political malpractice.


It’s Senator Schumer’s job to keep his caucus together and fight for progressive values. He failed in that today.


Republicans have consistently negotiated in bad faith, demonstrating that they have no interest in actually protecting Dreamers. And for months, Democratic leadership has reassured Dreamers that Democrats would use all their leverage to get the Dream Act done. They caved in early September, but promised to use their leverage in early December. They caved in early December, but promised to use their leverage by the end of the year. They caved at the end of the year, but they promised to use their leverage in January. And now they caved again, but promised to use their leverage in February. Democrats clearly want to keep Dreamers as a talking point, but they need to grow a spine and actually fight for the Dream Act.


There are exceptions. Indivisible is extremely proud of those senators that followed through on that commitment today, including Democratic Senators running for reelection. These are profiles in courage – true leaders who deserve the support of Indivisibles in their states and across the country.


The big blue wave that Schumer hopes will make him Senate Majority Leader in 2019 will not build itself. This weekend, millions of Americans literally took to the streets. They weren’t asking their Senators to cave to Trump’s racist, xenophobic agenda. They were asking their Senators to fight. Instead, Schumer led his caucus to surrender, demoralizing his base and ensuring more Dreamers will be deported before this is resolved.


Our message to Dreamers and their families: Indivisible is fighting with you. We’ve been honored to fight beside you and follow the lead of brave activists who have put their bodies on the line. Indivisible groups in every state are committed to fighting until everyone is here to stay.

Note that California Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris stood firm for the DREAMers and voted NO.  Call and thank them!

Signs of the Times: Women’s March 2018 in Yucca Valley

A year ago the hi-desert turned out in numbers that stunned locals for the first Women’s March in Yucca Valley.  Yesterday, Saturday, Nov. 20, the desert turned out again, with over 100 smiling resisters lining the Highway at Old Woman Springs – cold and wind notwithstanding!  It’s been an incredible year!  Thanks to the Morongo Basin Democratic Club for organizing this inspiring anniversary event and to everyone who contributed and turned out.   Below are some signs of the times, courtesy Gayle A.: