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Know your rights – Protect Yourself Against Immigration Raids

Update February 4, 2018:  After 13 months in Adelanto, Roberto is released!  And legal fees are being raised for Jean.  Read the latest details from the Immigration issues Team here.  If you are interested in joining the Immigration Issues Team, please contact Yolanda @

The Latest:  Victories at Adelanto to celebrate!  Luis and Aaron are released, Jonathan has WON, and Mateo’s bond is reduced!  The movement is growing!

Update October 15, 2017:  Read the Immigration Team Update on Adelanto, the Joshua Tree DACA rally, and the DREAM Act rally with Senator Kamala Harris at UC Irvine.

September 29, 2017

WHAT:   Hey Paul Cook! Support our DREAMers!
WHEN:  5:00-6:30 pm, Friday, October 6, 2017
WHERE:  Highway 62 and Park Boulevard, Joshua Tree, CA
WHY:     Ask Paul Cook to support the DREAM Act and keep DACA youth in the USA, their home!

More info at the Action Meeting on Tuesday, October 3 (did you register yet?) but get started now making a sign so we can stand up together for all members of our community!

The bipartisan DREAM Act is legislation that will provide a path to citizenship for young people who were brought to the US as children. These young people have already passed background checks, and are currently in the military, in school and/or working. When President Trump rescinded DACA, he set in motion a process that will deport these upstanding people who only want to stay as productive members of society in the only home they’ve known.

Tell Paul Cook that supporting the bipartisan DREAM Act is the right thing to do!

Adelanto Update
August 20, 2017

A lot has happened since our last Adelanto post!

First, the good news! The Central American hunger strikers (and the 20 Haitian detainees who joined the hunger strike in solidarity) have started attending hearings, where their bail amounts are being lowered by judges from the stratospheric amounts set by ICE. These amounts are still greater than these refugees have access to, but regardless, lower is better.

A coalition of interested organizations has formed to raise funds so these men can get out of jail and join their families, where they will be able to recuperate from detention and have easier access to legal counsel to prepare for their hearings. The average amount required to bring a detainee home on bond is $2,300. Indivisible Morongo Basin is proud to be part of this effort, and we encourage everyone to donate if they can: As of this writing, we’re at nearly $5,000! But the total amount we’re aiming for is $64,400, so we still have a long way to go.

The larger problem of ICE and CBP’s behavior remains, however; people seeking asylum should not be incarcerated in private prisons for corporate profits. Our tax dollars are contributing to human misery in our name, for private profit. In 2016, the DOJ recommended moving away from private prisons, but the Trump administration wants to increase their use.

What you can do: contact Paul Cook and tell him that our tax dollars should not be enriching shareholders for detaining asylum seekers. These private prisons operate without adequate oversight, and conditions are unacceptable. Adelanto Detention Center is in our congressional district, and detainees should not have to have hunger strikes to draw attention to their mistreatment.

Problems at the Adelanto Detention Facility have hit the front page of the Los Angeles Times‘We don’t feel OK here’: Detainee deaths, suicide attempts and hunger strikes plague California immigration facility.

For background information on the Adelanto Detention Facility, see our blog post “Adelanto: Abuse of Immigrants in Detention-for-Profit“.

Rally to Free Adelanto Hunger Strikers – July 7


Indivisible Morongo Basin members, Deborah, Mark, and Yolanda attended the Free Adelanto Hunger Strikers rally organized by Human Rights Alliance for Child Refugees & Families, Pueblo Sin Fronteras, Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice, Latino Advocacy, and Northwest Detention Center Resistance. The rally was held in front of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security building in San Bernardino to show support for the detainees at Adelanto Detention Center staging a hunger strike, now totaling 45, due to deplorable medical care and ridiculously high bailbonds. Members from other organizations and members of the press were also present.

Maru, Latino Advocacy, who traveled from Tacoma, WA and is actively fighting the human rights abuses happening at the GEO-owned detention facility in Tacoma, read a letter of support from the detainees also on a hunger strike in NWDC to the detainees at the Adelanto Detention Facility when one of the original nine hunger strikers called in during the rally. This act of solidarity was appreciated by this detainee then he proceeded to describe the current conditions in Adelanto—lack of medical care, continued bullying and mental/physical abuse by guards, inability to contact lawyers or family members, horrible food (served to other detainees not on hunger strike), and of course, continued frustration over imposed high bail bonds, ranging from $15,000 to $80,000.

The importance of letting the hunger strikers in Adelanto know they are being supported is critical as GEO staff continues to violate their human rights by keeping them incarcerated – even though they are political asylum seekers. Today we were also witnesses to DHS shutting down the building as a result of our rally. We, as a community, must come together, acknowledge this injustice, be the voice for our immigrant brothers and sisters, extend our unwavering support and valiantly fight for their human rights. I strongly urge you to “Adopt a Day” out of the month, every month, and commit a few hours to visit and carry a sign/banner in support of all detainees at the Adelanto Detention Facility or join us in “Solidarity”, as a group. If you’d like more information, please contact

June 25, 2017

On Sunday, June 25, 2017, Indivisible Morongo Basin members, Mark and Yolanda, attended the Rally at Adelanto Detention Center to support the hunger strike by eight detainees seeking asylum. Yolanda reports:

Members from Pueblo Sin Fronteras, Hispanos Unidos, Human Rights Alliance for Child Refugees & Families, Inland Empire Coalition 4 Immigrant Justice and Indivisible Morongo Basin were in attendance at Sunday’s rally at the Adelanto Detention Center and were witnesses to a punitive tactic employed by personnel at the center owned and operated by  GEO Group, Inc., a public company that specializes in privatized facilities and under federal  contract with the U.S. government.

On Easter Sunday, Daniel, a member of Inland Empire Coalition 4 Immigrant Justice, was informed that detainees were not fed all day due to protestors holding a rally outside the facility. Last Tuesday, Clergy members were not allowed inside to see detainees, the facility was placed on lockdown, and detainees’ family members were not permitted to enter the premises. Today, as the rally began, the detention center was placed on lockdown and  approximately 40 detainees’ family members were again denied entrance to the facility.  Mark and Yolanda, members of IMB, were told by a guard that it was due to the “protestors out there”. The peaceful rally was held across the street from the facility and did not pose any type of threat to merit such retaliatory response by the center’s personnel. Family members were allowed into the facility after the rally was over.

This tactic seems to be a pattern for Adelanto Detention Center personnel as they are powerless to prevent the protestors from exercising their 1st Amendment Right. Organizations are working hard to expose the abuse of power by this for-profit detention  center and continue to document human rights’ violations of refugees on hunger strike and other detainees. Please consider attending the next rally (date to be determined) and help us fight this blatant injustice.

Vindictive tactic forces family members to wait outside.
Photo: M.T. Evans

June 24, 2017
The hunger strike resumes for eight (8) detained asylum seekers who were beaten and pepper sprayed by guards when they began the hunger strike last Monday. The abuse and inhumane treatment of detainees by this private, for-profit facility must stop now!
In support of the hunger strike by the detainees, Human Rights Alliance for Child Refugees & Families, Hispanos Unidos, and Pueblo Sin Fronteras are hosting a Rally/Press Conference this Sunday, June 25, 2017 from 8:00 – 11:00 a.m. at Adelanto Detention Center, 10400 Rancho Road, Adelanto, CA 92301
If you’d like to attend this rally and are interested in carpooling, contact
For more information, please visit Human Rights Alliance for Child Refugees & Families Event Page on Facebook:

FreeAdelanto8 Now! ShutDownAdelanto!

June 10, 2017

Citizenship  workshop report:

A special thanks to members of Indivisible Morongo Basin (Beth Sheffield, Michelle Myers, Deborah Dunaway, Yolanda Brown), Courageous Resistance (Carlos Pineda), and hi-desert community (Ernesto Nevares), for their hard work at ¡Hazte ciudadano americano con cofem! workshop last Saturday. It was a packed house and COFEM did an outstanding job coordinating the volunteers. I hope we are invited to participate in future workshops. Even small contributions make a difference for those in need. If you would like to be on the volunteer list for future workshops, please contact

Members of Indivisible Morongo Basin and Indivisible Yucaipa attended the Shut Down Adelanto Rally Thursday night.  Yolanda reports back:

The rally organized by Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice to demand an investigation into the most recent death and immediate release of all detainees with a medical history, was a success.

At least 40 people attended the event. The names of all deceased detainees were read, we prayed for them, we chanted, and we had a minute of silence. IC4IJ had a couple of speakers and a speaker from ACLU was also present.

45’s supporters were also present. They had a non-stop siren with the intention of drowning out our chants and speakers. They spewed hateful speech non-stop and called us sinners.

Our side was peaceful. Prior to and after the event, music was played. Most people danced at the end before peacefully leaving the rally.

“When hate is behind you, sometimes you just have to bow your head and pray.”

Anyone attending this rally interested in carpooling to this rally, contact

VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED for Saturday, June 10, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the citizenship clinic being hosted by COFEM in Desert Hot Springs.

They have a few stations at the event, like sign-in, prescreening, assistance with naturalization application, assistance with fee waiver and the final review application station. They mainly need help with the naturalization application because it takes the most time.

If anyone is interested, please contact us via email at If there’s enough interest, a representative from COFEM is willing to come up to the high desert and train volunteers. Even if you only have a couple of hours, please consider volunteering. If you know of someone who may be interested, feel free to pass this request. Thanks!

PROTECT IMMIGRANTS:  Help make Cathedral City an official Sanctuary City and start a desert wave!


Cathedral City is voting May 24 on whether to become a Sanctuary City – the first official Sanctuary City in the desert!  This landmark move could start a wave, and there are two ways you can help it happen:

  1. Show up AND WEAR WHITE:  Attend the vote on May 24 at the City Council Meeting in Cathedral City!  Support Sanctuary and support this important effort by our sister group Courageous Resistance Palm Springs and Other Desert Cities.  Wear white and be counted!  Study Session and Regular Meeting 4:30 to 11 pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 68700 Avenida Lalo Guerrero, Cathedral City.  If interested in carpooling contact
  2. Speak up:  The City is receiving blowback from the opposition, so let’s make sure our support is heard loud and clear!  Send an email today to City Clerk Tracey Martinez and voice your opinion to support this vote.  Sanctuary Cities are possible safe spaces for our undocumented neighbors who contribute in so many ways to our communities.

Here are two ways desert people can stand up and be counted in resistance to the anti-immigrant agenda of the Trump administration:  May 1 rally at the Border Patrol Station in Indio (co-sponsored by Indivisible Morongo Basin), and our Stop the Wall Rally in Yucca Valley on May 5.   Details below.

MAY 1 RALLY AT INDIO BORDER PATROL STATION.  If you are attending this event, organizers ask that you wear a white shirt/top and make your own poster with positive messages relating to the theme.

STOP THE WALL RALLY IN YUCCA VALLEY.   Peaceful gathering to protest the wall.  You are welcome to bring your own signs reflecting positive messages of unity with Mexico and all immigrants.  May 5, 5-6 pm, please arrive by 4:45.

Please share!  Print the flyer.