SB562 – Stories From The Frontlines

Local community members are invited to make videos that support SB562 and tell their stories. Please consider submitting a video. It’s easy. Below are video making and submission guidelines.

Instructions for making a video in support of SB562 (The Healthy California Act):

  1. Use a smartphone to make the video. Make sure you hold the phone horizontally, not vertically.
  1. Frame the shot as a medium close up so that your head and torso (down to the top of your hips) are centered in the frame.
  1. Start with approximately 3 seconds of dead time (you just looking at the camera) before you start speaking. End with 3 seconds of dead time after you are done speaking.
  1. Begin by saying your name and anything else you want to say about yourself.
  1. Talk about why you support single payer universal healthcare for All Californians. Tell your story. If you want, you could also talk about your feelings about the ACA (Obamacare) and the AHCA (Trumpcare)
  1. Video should be anywhere between 1 minute minimum and two minutes maximum.
  1. Make sure the audio is clear.
  1. When you are done, compress the video before sending it. If possible send as a Zip file. Ideally the video should be less than 50 megs and in a 640 x 480 format.
  1. Send the video via (use their free service) to

If selected, your video may be edited for purposes of clarity. It will be shared on social media and posted on the Indivisible Morongo Basin SB562 information page.