On June 1, ask Rep. Paul Cook’s staff:  When will Congressman Cook stand up for his constituents?

Memorial Day is the time to reflect on those who have given their lives to protect freedom and democracy at home and abroad. We also extend our gratitude and respect to those currently serving and veterans of the armed services.

Thursday, June 1st, is the Veterans Resource Fair in Apple Valley, CA.  Representatives from Congressman Paul Cook’s staff will be there to help steer vets toward the various resources available to them.

Since veterans’ affairs are an area of particular interest to Representative Cook (USMC Ret.), perhaps his staffers can answer any questions district vets may have about why Cook voted for the AHCA, which may cause losses or decreased healthcare coverage for 7 million vets in the US.

Or why Rep. Cook is not calling for an independent investigation into the unseemly relationship between the Trump Administration and Russia.

Or ask what he thinks about President Trump’s cool relationship with our longstanding allies in NATO.

Or why he refuses to meet face to face with his constituents at a Town Hall.

June 1, from 10 am to 1:30 pm.  Apple Valley Conference Center, 14975 Dale Evans Road, Apple Valley.   

More information on event here.  

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